Monthly Comments And August Love…

Here’s the Deal. Comment in July (in case you aren’t sure…there’s only one week left), and I will highlight your blog in August. Partly cuz I love you, and partly because I will need some serious help in the month of Dog Days. Why? No. Not vacation. Worse.

What could be worse for ruining your blog content???

Yes. THAT.

We are moving.

There could be whole DAYS people(!) where I won’t be able to post. I won’t be able to READ your blogs. And more importantly, I won’t be able to COMMENT on your blogs… So this is how I plan to keep your love. I plan to cheat. And steal. But I will give you all the credit, I promise.

So get crackalakin’. Comment! If you already commented this month, that’s okay you can still comment away. And if you don’t see your blog listed on the left…email me, I’ll fix it!

Thanks for all your help while we stress ourselves to death. (We move in 6 weeks….Oh My.)

PS. Want some ideas for organizing all the creative chaos art, from your little Picasso’s stash?

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16 Responses to “Monthly Comments And August Love…”

  1. Jocasta Says:

    I’m bound to have commented – but just it case I haven’t I have now!!!Where are you moving to?

  2. Good N Crazy Says:

    Oregon. No, not close to Angie. Southern Oregon. Close to the California border. But close to NOTHING else. No Target. No Costco. No normal restaurants. But it IS beautiful. Remember that photo of a fabulous lake with myself and hubby in it and I asked ya’ll to guess where it was??? Anyway, THAT lake is very nearby and a ton of other lakes etc…. Doesn’t quite make up for the lack of shops…I’m working on being happy about it, I really am.

  3. michelle Says:

    you poor thing! Why does it seem worse to move in the hot summertime? Don’t you wish there was a moving fairy who could come wave her wand over your boxes, transport them to the new house and poof them into their new places.?! Trust me, I would have found her last year when we did it if she existed! Hope it goes smoothly and I love your bid for our affection!

  4. coastrat Says:

    Oh man! Moving is a bummer! I think in the first 15 years we were married, we must have moved at least a dozen times! It least I got to be a very good packer.Southern Oregon, huh? Cathy from Nobel Pig is building a new home and a vinyard in Oregon somewhere…

  5. Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy Says:

    LOL I was getting ready to ask where but I see where you commented , saying Oregon. My sister Erin lives in Wilsonville, Oregon. I hope the move goes smoothly for you though!

  6. Melissa Says:

    OREGON?!? What? Huh? Why didn’t I (I mean, We) – your loyal readers – know abou this?!? Sorry – I’m just dying for the details…. For DH’s job? For change? For beauty? Oh goodness – I MUST know more :)I HATE moving – as does everyone, it appears! So sorry… if it’s for DH’s job, was there a relocation package so you can hire other people to do it all?Carissa in the wilderness… hmmm….. this changes everything!there’s a website called “Find your spot” – or something like that – and it helps you to locate the ideal place for you to live – three of my top five were in Oregon! So I think you’ll be able to find happiness there :)Sending love and curious thoughts your way! xo, Melissa

  7. Kaye Butler Says:

    No more Lake Stink knocking at your back door wanting that play date!You know I wish you good luck, and honey, I’m glad its you and not me!Tim said that if we EVER have to move, we leave everything behind and start completely over. I said great, no more hunting equipment…he said…well maybe not everything. I think he meant just my stuff.

  8. Laurie Says:

    Well I have to ask, are you happy about this? Is this a good thing? Is this because of a job? Do you already have a place picked out to move into? See so many questions. I just want you to be happy with where you end up. Hey no Target or Cosco… That will be tough!!

  9. laurie Says:

    Hey Oregon huh? I live in Portland and love it. Granted it is not southern Oregon and it is also a large city…but Oregon as a state can’t be beat. (I moved every three years growing up…lived alot of places!) Moving is not fun tho…

  10. Yes, my name is Arizona Says:

    My google reader still isn’t telling me about your updates!! ARGH! I’ll try resubscribing again and again and again….So where are you moving to? I’m envious. I want to move SO BAD!

  11. Yes, my name is Arizona Says:

    Oh, I just read your comment above. Oregon, huh? Now I’m really envious. There’s so much to do in Oregon!

  12. Daisy Says:

    Moving! Good luck! Take care, and rest whenever you can. It sounds like a lovely location! I’m not a big shopper; I’m more of an environmentalist. I’m envying you the lakes and the country.

  13. Jaime Says:

    I have been wondering about this. So it’s official now?Ugh! I hate moving! And I’ve never moved to a whole different state.Your pictures of it looked really beautiful…although I’m sure it’s no Utah.:)I am assuming this is a job-related move?

  14. anti-supermom Says:

    Umm, your moving…have you gotten your internet connect established already? This is a VERY important step to moving!Good luck with the blogging withdrawl.

  15. Jaysi Says:

    Moving is the pits….at least the actual physical part of moving. It could be great to explore a new place though. Are you moving for business or just for the heck of it? Closer to family? I am really aching to move back home or at least closer to our family. Good luck crazy lady!

  16. angie Says:

    Good luck with the move. Smart to be thinking ahead. I know I’ve commented a ton in July, so I can’t wait to see some love, and don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! 🙂

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