I cannot imagine…

You hear about this on the news….but I guess I honestly did not think it was real. This lovely example made it past my email’s spam blocker. WHO falls for this baloney? If grandma’s the type, please hide the modem. (my comments are in blue)

Hello Dear,

Based on information I gathered about you from a very reliable source, (Really? like who? My mother? My sister? My dentist? Cuz they are so dead if they are your very reliable source.) I am very happy to send this message to you. I hope you will consider and give me urgent and favourable reply. (We don’t spell it that way over here, get a dictionary and pretend.)

My name is Andrew Yusuf,a citizen of Sierra-Leone,Son of late Dr,Anthony Yusuf ,who before his death was the person managing the Sierra-Leone gold and diamond corporation (SGDC).

I hope you are aware of the war which has ravaged my country for the past years now. It was in one of these attacks by the rabels (Spell Check! But say it like Moira Kelly said ‘Toe Pick’ in The Cutting Edge) that led to the death of my father and my mother including two of my brothers.

I was terrified of the situation and because this I escaped from Sierra-Leone to Abidjan Cote D’ Ivoire (Ivory Coast),into a refugee camp but brouth (Toe Pick!) along with all vital document which my late father used in depositing consignment that contain the sum of $20 Million United State Dollars with a private security
company firm here in Abidjan Cote D’ Ivoire (Ivoire Coast). (Hard to be too upset for a 20 times over millionaire refugee? There are real live refugees in my own community I’d SOOOO much rather help out, but thanks all the same.)

For now, I have every information and document needed for collection of the deposit with the security company and I want you to act as the beneficiary of the deposit for easy and smooth collection of the consignment for onward transfers to your account abroad for investment popurses. (Did he mean porpoises? What do they need with dolphins?)

Since the breadwinner is no more and this is the only hope for life. youre possitive (Toe Pick!)x2 response will give me the greatest joy and relief. My aim of contacting you is to seek for your able assistance as a front in trasfering (Toe Pick!) this fund abroad into an account,then as a business devoloper, (Toe Pick!)you can help me invest wisely in areas you deem lucrative and finally to obtain residential permit for me to stay comfortable in your country of abode.

Presently I cannot go back to Sierra-Leone because of the situation there and you know that Cote D’Ivoire(Ivoire Coast),where I now is politically unstable;I therefore wish you could help me out of here before it become worse.

My God bless you for the kind of assistance and I have agreed to offer you 20% of the total sum. (Now THAT is TRULY generous…20% you say? Oh my heck, That almost makes me change my mind, maybe your aren’t as stupid as you sound? Maybe you really intend to share…how much is that? 4 million dollars??? Oh, sure count me IN! NOT.)

Finally I implore you to treat this transaction with secrecy and confidentiality for security reasons. (Well, duh. Like I want some other unsuspecting butthead to get in on MY deal!)

I am are seriously waitting(Toe Pick!) your possitive(Toe Pick!) and urgent reply.

Thanks,may God guard and protect you.


Andrew Yusuf.

Well, Andrew. Go check out this website. I stopped counting at 10,000 names and aliases that doofuses like you are using to defraud via email.

8 Responses to “I cannot imagine…”

  1. Classic MaMa Says:

    Well said!

  2. angie Says:

    I’m dying. And just so you know, I’ve received the same email. Maybe we have a common acquaintance? ha ha. I had so much fun reading your commentary, I think I’m going to copy this for fun on my blog with the next confidential deal I’m presented with.

  3. Melissa Says:

    I get these all the time. The sad part is that it totally undermines the very real & horrific experiences of true refugees. ANd it contributes to “compassion fatigue” on our parts… Isn’t it sad how skeptical we have to be these days… (btw – totally agreed with you!)

  4. Good & Crazy Says:

    I’m glad you get that. Compassion Fatigue is the best description! I know people from each of these countries and I have seen first hand their world. But 20 million dollars…come on, who are you kidding? How dumb do I look?

  5. Jaime Says:

    My husband got this email, too. And I said the same thing to him. Crazy!

  6. Cookie Says:

    You mean that you got the same email as me?!?!?! I thought I was special! I like how you followed the instructions and kept the deal “private and confidential” by only posting it for your blogger friends to read ;)Dawn/cookie

  7. Jocasta Says:

    Hey there, thanks for the commment. I don’t have elements (or even heard of it before!) I love your header and help would be good if you are willing.There must be people that fall for these letters surely otherwise they wouldn’t keep sending them.

  8. Yes, my name is Arizona Says:

    I first saw this email back in 1998 when I worked as a tech writer. My boss actually considered going along with the email. Seriously. At that moment I knew I worked for the WRONG company!! lol! I loved your commentary. Hilarious!

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