Not your Nightmare

You know those recurring nightmares? Where you find yourself naked in your neighbor’s backyard? Where you spiral downwards in a black pit (in slow motion) and your screams echo off non-existent walls? Where you show up to your high school basketball game and you have forgotten your game shoes? PLUS you’re 3 hours AWAY from your terrifying teenage bedroom, where they reside (maybe) in the closet?

Oh wait. That’s not your nightmare, that’s my private nightmare. And even though my college hoop dreams died more than 15 years ago; I have this particularly upsetting, sweat-drenching version of a night terror about once a week.

These demon dreams must be stress induced, or fear related, right? I wonder what a therapist would tell me? (Imagine an old lady German accent here.) You are acting out repressed fears of shoe fetishness. However, my genuine adult fears won’t remedy so simply.

My child comes home with blood dripping off his forehead and a gaping hole where his eyebrow should be. Now THAT’s stress! How I wish I could borrow a friend’s pair of ill-fitting Air Jordans to ease the pain of my 3 year old’s slashed wound. And then again later when ‘YES! there’s going to be a second shot’, and ‘yes it’s going to hurt too’!

I’ll willingly bear the sting of forgotten shoe embarrasment or the shame of letting my team down anyday, I’ll even run out on the court in flip-flops, just please spare me my own children’s distress.

Maybe that’s what those misplaced hightops are doing?

Saving me from reliving my children’s very real pain during my dark induced nightmares.

Entered in Scribbit’s Write Away Contest, titled Shoes.

3 Responses to “Not your Nightmare”

  1. Scribbit Says:

    I dreamed last night that I was on American Idol–looking very much like Brooke White with my lovely long and flowing curly blond hair–and Ryan Seacrest was deeply in love with me but we had to keep it secret for fear of people thinking the contest was rigged. And then he took me to meet his family in Wales . . .Nightmare? Kind of. 🙂

  2. randystaci Says:

    I did not know you suffered from regular night terrors. They are coming from too much stimulation in the left frontal lobe of your brain. I don’t know anymore than that! Aren’t you glad you have a friend with an epileptic child who has read too much useless information?

  3. Daisy Says:

    Oh, those nightmares! I agree with your interpretation; it’s more a case of wanting to take on your children’s pain for them, rather than a shoe fetish. But shoe fetishes can be symbolic and fun in their own ways!

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