‘Toting’ my own horn

I have sold 4 of my little bags so far! None of them through Etsy, which is about what I figured? Word of mouth is worth more than pretty much anything else, eh?

I’ve worked up a couple new bag prototypes, what do you think?

I call this design, ‘Emilie’.

And I call this one ‘MiMi’.

I am digging the Asian print. I have been drooling over some Japanese fabrics. And I am still trying to get up the courage to buy this fabric–it seems sort of above me?

I’ve priced the new purses on Etsy for $15. Does that seem too high? I swear I’m only paying myself $5 an hour. But still I have no idea how to price these?

And here are some new headbands! I am so totally loving these. I kinda figure the wide ones are for adults (I love to wear them). But I have my girls modeling both the wide ones (3 3/4 inch) and the 2 1/4 inch ones. I’d like to sell these as well…we’ll see? I am pricing the smaller ones at $3, and the wider ones at $5. But I would happily take $1 off of two (2 small ones for $5).

3 Responses to “‘Toting’ my own horn”

  1. angie Says:

    I think the Emilie is ADORABLE! The headbands are great as well, and the pricing is very affordable.

  2. Yes, my name is Arizona Says:

    Awesome! I’m so glad you are selling some. I’d totally buy a wide headband. I love them…especially when I’m in need of highlights. They cover up the dark roots really well!!!

  3. Good & Crazy Says:

    Well, there you go. I’ll start calling them:Highlight HoversorYes, my name is Highlight Headband!

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