Warning, Graphic Photos

When I turned 30 I felt betrayed. I didn’t feel like a grown-up and thirty was definitely OLD! And now that I’ve just turned 35, it’s my body that’s betraying me. Losing muscle tone, losing boob tone, and my body’s newest betrayal? Menorrhagia. Sorry if that’s sharing too much, but since you now know my age, you get all the rest I guess.
Except for the make-up, this is me zits and all. Angie asked about wrinkles, so here you go. This happens to be a low point in my cycle for acne. I had very little as a teenager and apparently my face is making up for that in my 30s.

Warning! This photo has been heavily photoshopped. This was taken in February. I played with photoshop to see just how much I could alter and not have it turn into an alien. I got rid of blemishes(this was a high zit day), wrinkles and most of the shine on my forehead (you can see it in my hair), I even whitened my teeth! Isn’t photoshop a joy?

5 Responses to “Warning, Graphic Photos”

  1. angie Says:

    Just as I suspected. Little to no wrinkles. You LOOK younger than me, yet your older. Urg. Love the pictures…..you did an awesome job photoshopping your photo to make it look like it hasn’t been touched.And on the the more personal stuff……I didn’t even know the name for that, and you have my sincere sympathy. After my twins I started having heavy ALL-the-Time periods and it has almost done me in. My whole life I was irregular as in never had a cycle and never bled much at all, so it was a real shock. It’s getting better now. I know, too much info., BUT, my point is, “is this just a little get used to it thing so that menopause isn’t so bad?” he he.

  2. Paul & Megan Hawkes Says:

    Good Job on the photoshop. Can you do photolipo? I have a few photos’ that need it. Ha Ha. Ok maybe I need it! One of these days I am going to learn how to do all of that, until then I will look at yours in envy!Megan

  3. ButlerFamily Says:

    HA! I was really close to your age…you are 8 months older than me!Great job with the photoshop!Kaye

  4. Good & Crazy Says:

    Thanks for the kind comments! but 35 still sucks. Just wait til you get here! And I would so welcome menopause. If 80ml counts as too much bleeding, I lose more like 500ml in a short two day time-frame. Awful.

  5. Yes, my name is Arizona Says:

    I love my 30’s and am looking forward to my 40’s. I feel so free to be me now. My 20’s just sucked. Your body definitely changes after 35, but its manageable, i think. It does take effort though! You look great! ANd I don’t see any wrinkles. You definitely look younger than your age. Just to make you hate me: I still don’t have my period back from having my twins. That’s one of the perks of long-time breastfeeding!! LOL! I’m afraid of what will happen when I do get it back. I’ve only had 2 periods in the past 4 years thanks to being either pregnant or breastfeeding. awesome! Is that TMI for a public comment???

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