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For this week’s music, some serious Girl Power. Last week I was listening to the Berlin song “No More Words”, and I decided it’s like the ultimate chick song, dude!

You’re telling me you love me while you’re looking away
No more words, no more words
And no more promises of love

So I added some other chick songs that speak power to me. I ended it with new songs (at least to me) by Edie Brickell, I was way into her in high school.

Sorry, lots of self promoting this week. But I got brave last week and submitted my post about MEMEs to They took a while, but they accepted it and published it! Probably they accept anyone, but today I get to be that anyone.

And lastly a couple overheards:

TK in the back of the car: This day has been too long!
Mom: Oh really? (thinking 3 year olds can’t remember breakfast much less a long day)
TK: Yeah, when is it my birthday?

Another one:

TK praying: …And please bless my sisters that they won’t fart. (pause, pause–we all look around trying not to laugh), then he looks up with a big grin and says; Oh, I meant fight!

This is what afternoon spiderman looks like at our house. He had just lost his prized and very tiny bouncy ball. He was spent from crying his eyes out. But hot chocolate and Scooby Doo seemed to ease the pain.

One Response to “Music, Published, Overheard”

  1. Jaime Says:

    I am laughing out loud at the fart/fight prayer!:)

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