Blog Review

Okay, I was just catching up on some of my favorite blogs. I put them in the sidebar if you are interested. I only put a few (for now) mainly because as I peruse other blogs they all have 100s of blogs listed on their blog roll. Just how are you supposed to sample that many or know for that matter which ones are worth reading?

I think I’m going to review an interesting blog every so often as I come across them. And since I have in no way any expertise, who cares if I get it right or not?

The blog for today is:

Get That Out of Your Mouth!

I can’t find much about the wizard behind the curtain on this one. I know he is a dad, and he is the main caregiver for his 3 children. But it’s not clear whether he also works at home outside of blogging of course. In his about page it lists under interests:

tucking everyone safely in, come nightfall

how sweet.

This blog IS amazing writing. I wish I knew about the bloggy awards in time to vote for Getthatoutofyourmouth!, I would have cheated and voted as many times as I could figure out how to do it. His posts are like little bits and posts of poetry, with wisdom and kidfunnies thrown in. Read a few, you’ll see what I mean.

Some recent posts I LOVE:

the truth is a terrible thing Today’s post.
this must be what a cruise ship feels like (I think I will run a review of the best/worst flu stories, send me some if you come across them?!)
gender war Seriously funny, girl hair, ha, ha, ha.
personal space My overall favorite one from the past two months. If you catch a better post than this one, share.

4 Responses to “Blog Review”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    I found you on that funny man’s blog. Man, he has to be the funniest ever. Pee your pants funny.

  2. Good & Crazy Says:

    I hear that! I think I’ll head over to skirt/digg/technorati and favorite him and see if anyone notices? He had a link from, but I don’t see a lot of traffic (from comments anyway?). Let’s make him famous!

  3. Krio Tity Says:

    I see what you mean – I like his blog, too. Some of the things he writes remind me of my children.

  4. Good & Crazy Says:

    Glad I could share it!

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