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Until next fall…

February 28, 2008

This is the last of my homemade applesauce. I made 7 quarts last fall. I had no idea what I was doing, and just read a couple recipes online before digging in. I used Jonathon, red delicious and gold delicious because I did not want to add sugar to it. That’s it. No other ingredients.

I borrowed a grinder from a friend and it came out more chunky than saucy. Which meant the two younger kids did NOT like it. But fifth grader and I LOVED it. We would sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over ours first…yum.

This fall I will invest in a good sieve and make at least twice as much!!

Vacation: Day number…oh heck, the rest of ’em.

February 27, 2008

Hard to keep up on posts what with all the fun and hi-jinx we were having. We really wished the weather had been warmer (we were promised 75 degrees!)

We did make it to Disneyland. Mickey gets a big gold star—I lost my cellphone. I realized it about an hour later. I back-tracked to the two previous rides and WOW it was waiting for me back at California Soarin’ where it had dropped out of my pocket during the ride!

Big thumbs up for TK. He measured up all day at exactly 40 inches, they would check him and then double check him, but every time he passed. He rode nearly everything! Thunder Mountain Railroad (didn’t want to do it again though), he loved Splash Mountain, and he even did Tower of Terror (I don’t like that one, he said after). And get this…we made the day WITHOUT a stroller! (had to rent a locker for lunch snacks & drinks @ $7) That was a new one for us, TK was a trooper and walked a ton &and dad was a bigger trooper and held him a ton!

She missed out on the big right and the Carousel was just not very fun, instead.

Big thumbs down cuz 7yold didn’t measure up for the big one Dad had been prepping her for. Even with 2 inch platform sandals she was still a finger width too short for California Screamin’. And mom swears we will not be back for a $400 date with Goofy and the gang Any. Time. Soon. Which is good, cuz she and TK will be tall enough for all the rides by then!

Oh, another thumbs down, we only saw Chip&Dale characters, nothing else. 7yold asked, ‘who are they?’. TK mixed ‘em up with the Chipmunks from the recent holiday movie.

Neutral on the weather. Not sunny, but not too cold (wore jackets the whole time) and even the tiny bit of rain didn’t bother us.

But HolyCowCrap(!) we were all so exhausted by the end of the long day (got up at 6AM, left at 7, didn’t get there til 9:30). Around 8PM we decided our last ride would be the new Nemo ride—looked to be half an hour wait (turns out that was longer than we had waited all day). But no. More like a full hour later we got to ride on the bizarre submarine/see-fake-sea-life/movie out tiny portholes. That’s one you only need to do once… And we turned down a reported 55 minute wait on Space Mountain for THAT?

It was a long ride back—but no traffic this time & all the kids slept including the mommy-kid. Again Dad’s a trooper with his 64 oz D.Coke in his lap, he got us back to our vacation villa safely…..

The next day we got back to sleeping in. There was a ‘Wii’ tournament in the clubhouse for the kids, and the girls pretty quickly opted to paint birdhouses instead, and soon Theo got in on it too.

We did get some good pool time, but the temperature was just not working out for us. We headed over to the Children’s Museum, and we didn’t expect much—but I think the kids liked it more than the pool….NOT LIKELY (I can hear them yelling!). And this was our one night to eat out somewhere nice-ish. We’d been reading about the local fave—Las Casuela’s chain. And it was good, not great, but the kids liked it. Very heavily photoshopped, these two. Just a tad too tan, eh?

On to Day 5. It was cold. And rainy. And did I mention cold?

We opted to drive up to the Palm Springs Tram. The guide says ‘it’s a can’t miss’. But honestly, it was 32 degrees at the top, and windy, and expensive. The kids enjoyed the view riding to the top but that’s about it. I’d say it was a big can miss (maybe it would be worth it during the heat of the summer instead…). On our way up the tram…

cold and windy, not a great combination

By the afternoon down below it was sunny and 65 degrees. NOT warm enough for the grown ups to get in the pool, but the kids finally seemed to ‘get it’. They left the parents alone to read & doze off, and they played fisherman and the shark game.

Later that day we stayed in for the late afternoon/evening. Wow it is so very cool having the extra bedroom space. The girls caught up on missed Disney Channel in the other room—gotta have Hannah on vacation! And TK wandered back and forth between the girls, me on the computer & Dad out cold on the couch (he had an early AM phone conference that morning poor chap).

Day 6.

Friends from San Diego came today—Yipee! Haven’t seen ‘em for going on 4 years. I’ll call them Sarah and Steve (in case they don’t want any publicity). They have a little girl who is my middle kid’s age. She is adopted from China. Sarah calls her their little spicy girl because she is from the Szechuan province. But I call her our little Chinese-Jewish girl, because Steve is Jewish. Christmas/Hanukkah at their house must be a ball! We’ve missed a lot of our friends from back East so it was unbelievably refreshing to catch up for a couple days with them.

In the end we did not make it to Joshua Tree National Park (since the tram was such a fiasco-too cold and the kids just didn’t appreciate it) we’ll just have to save it for the next time. I’m bummed though, I really hoped to get some great pictures of the desert landscape. And wasn’t that the deal? I agreed to drag off to Disneyland for a day, and they agreed to behave at the boring National Parks I wanted to see??

Anyway, Steve and Sarah brought homemade Lasagna and Apple Pie! They can stay with us ANY time.

Last full day.

All 8 of us took off for Indian Canyon for a hike in the desert. (Another one of those ‘musts’ from the guide book-but not such a long drive like Joshua Tree) And this time it SERIOUSLY paid off. Absolutely georgeous. Gigantic native palm trees that made you feel like you were in some sort of ancient forest. (see more photos here.)

Our friends, aren’t they handsome?
Goodbye to the cool trail.

We maybe hiked ¾ of a mile but we took our time and due to the rain the previous day the small stream nearby was sort of large and at one point the trail crossed the stream and we had two choices. Turn back. Or well, Steve had already taken off his shoes and was all the way across before we could properly work out our two choices! So we all schlepped across the stream barefoot!

Almost as good as the beautiful trail, was lunch at ‘IN-AND-OUT Burger’. We attempted to do the pool later, but it never really warmed up enough, plenty of sun, but not enough mercury. The rest of the evening we relaxed (okay I flat fell asleep), and Sarah went out and bought steaks, which she then grilled for our dinner (like I said, they can stay with us anytime!). We had been eating frozen food and cold cereal before they got in. By then the weather reports were showing a brilliant storm coming through and warning people not to drive on the expected ‘treacherous I-15 corridor’ (their exact words). So we booked a room in a hotel in St. George, we figured if it didn’t pan out we could cancel before we got there, right?

Last Day, or so we thought.

There wasn’t much in the way of weather all the way to Las Vegas, lots of wind though. We called a neighbor back home and she said, ‘well… the rain stopped’. The rain? Is this a serious storm or not? At a truck stop in Primm (don’t even ask what the toilets were like) there was a weather report and they were echoing the same story—treacherous on the roads, stay off them? We decided not to risk it, would have put us home around midnight at best, and we decided we were too tired anyway. One more night in St. George. We had to scramble to take care of all the things normally lined up on a Monday in our ordinary life and then drove in around noon. (Fifth grader still made it to her orthodontist appointment, and while she did not need a new retainer—hers had broken—she ended up getting the ghastly tongue thruster off(!) Wahoo No More Lisping!)

February 26, 2008

Still testing out fonts….

Another one….

And the last one….

There are three different fonts here, can you see them?? They are all fonts that came with my computer nothing more fancy than that.

February 21, 2008

New font test

Vacation: Day 2

February 19, 2008

This is the girls idea of ‘sneaking’ around to surprise us. They had already made up their own bed and little brother’s too. While we were getting breakfast ready they left this on our bed…I guess they figured we wouldn’t know who really made our bed?

First on our list today? Getting ourselves oriented with the lay of the land with a short drive around the immediate area (even though the kids wanted to get right into the pool at 7:30 AM). We made them wait until about 10AM, and the temperature was officially 70 degrees.Here I am standing!
Here I am standing on my hands!
I like the side of the pool the best.
Are we allowed to jump in? Ah, too late.
But I can swim around away from the edge too.

My new favorite word. Cracks me up every time. I just blurt it out any old random time I feel like it, thank you very much.
The news just never stops! Oh my gosh(!) did you see that some of the American Idol hopefuls this season have done professional work? Like, I’m all so upset! And yes, we all need some serious sunshine on our outer appendages. And we deserve it after the large amount of shoveling the white stuff this year.

The font in picture is Junior and Stinky from

Wally World Here We Come!

February 18, 2008

We made it. Got up at 4AM (turning into my father). 10 hour drive (took us 12 including Diet Coke pee breaks, breakfast and lunch). The kids were amazingly well behaved, even slept some of that early morning part. I have a feeling their happy countenances had something to do with DVD induced comas via cordless headphones. In fact they were so good, I just might relent and let them all drag me along to the despicable D-place. More on that IF we go..
Doing a ‘hook-up’ for the camera, even her eyes are crossed!
He can’t hear me, but he sees the camera and says cheese!
Too busy reading to watch the movie.

Ain’t he sexy, Tom Cruise gots nuthin’ on him?

Frames and embellishments from ShabbyPrincess.

The Day After

February 16, 2008

How much chocolate CAN I eat in one 24hour period? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck….

I used planet benson type on the background here.

Spell Check

February 15, 2008

I was trying to spell check JALEPENO. Here’s the suggestions….

  1. dependable
  2. dependably
  3. penologist
  4. penologies
  5. penology’s

Now. Just WHAT is a penologist?

Nope, wrong. And stop thinking dirty. Here’s what google says:

pe·nol·o·gy also poe·nol·o·gy (pē-nŏlə-jē) pronunciation

The study, theory, and practice of prison management and criminal rehabilitation.

……….I knew that.


February 15, 2008

Child 3: Where are we going?
Child 2: To California.
Child 3: Is that where the Home-tel is!

The best date.

February 15, 2008

We went to the LDS Cannery today for a middle of the day 3 hour date. Yeah we were working, and smelled like chili, but we were together (sort of) & without the kids…so hey, that counts right? We finished a bit early and even got to have a romantic fun lunch at IHOP. I mean can you come up with a more sexy Valentine’s Day than that?

I do plan to make dinner tonight. This is on the menu. Kids are sure to hate it, but it looks lovely to me, and please I’ll have a hard time topping IHOP, eh? I’m such a sucker for anything with avocados lately.