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It’s been a croupy weekend

December 10, 2007

TK’s been sick. Sicker than any of my other kids have been with the Croup. For the past 3 mornings he has vomited up phlegm after a lovely coughing fit. He’s 3 1/2 so I wasn’t too worried, and never considered a doctor trip. And just like they warn, night number 2 was MUCH worse than the first night. It was also much worse than we were expecting. He was wheezing, and generally crying from about midnight on. I woke around 4:30 and realized Boyd was still sleeping with kid on his lap in the furnichair (Addy’s nickname for the overstuffed recliner). I took him off to his own bed and he made it there til around 6AM. We asked him the next morning if he remembered all that crying and he said, no. Denied the whole thing. If it had been a smaller baby, I would have dashed off to the hospital around 2AM. His wheezing was creepy, even while he was sleeeping (which wasn’t much!).